Finding the perfect countertops

Countertops serve a dual function in most homes and need to be both durable and long-lasting as well as visually pleasing. A great countertop will perfectly blend these important pieces into your existing décor with no problem. Once you've covered both crucial aspects, you’ll have the perfect décor and functionality.

Choosing the one that best suits your needs does take a bit of time and consideration. Each material, color scheme, or product line has specific characteristics that will make some choices better for you than others. But don’t worry. We are here to make sure you find everything necessary for an excellent experience.

How countertops can work for your home

There’s no doubt that countertops are necessary, and in most homes, see multiple daily uses.In kitchens, it’s where food is prepared, groceries are unloaded, homework is finished, and crafts are undertaken. In bathrooms, these features undergo damp conditions, often taking on a great deal of heat from hair appliances and need to be cleaned daily.

Understanding how to pair your specific needs with certain materials can be the most critical part of picking out your new surfaces. For example, if you know that you use kitchen surfaces for cutting and preparing food and serving in hot dishes, you’ll want a very durable material that is resistant to heat and scratches. If these areas are not used in that way, you can utilize a less-durable surface without compromising its lifespan.



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We offer all your countertops needs and more

When it’s time for countertop installation, we'll make sure all measurements are exact before ever starting the process. Our experienced partnered professional installers have been installing countertops in Vandalia, IL, for years, so you're sure to be satisfied with the results. For even more information on our countertop services, visit us at our showroom.

At LAACK FLOORING INNOVATIONS, we are a countertop dealer that offers all the products and services for the perfect project. We invite you to visit our Vandalia, IL showroom, to see the materials for yourself and speak with an associate who can cater to your specific needs. If you're from the areas of Vandalia, Greenville, Altamont, Ramsey, or Salem, IL, come and find out how we can make sure you get the very best countertops available.