Do I need to acclimate luxury vinyl flooring?

Do I need to acclimate luxury vinyl flooring?

For the best results, acclimate luxury vinyl tile before installation. This ensures there will be no expansion or contraction if temperatures change quickly.

The more you know about this process before you shop, the better decisions you can make. Here are some facts that will help you with the options you need for your new floors.

What does acclimation do?

Acclimation equalizes the humidity between the flooring and the installed area. The result is flooring that doesn't react as harshly to humidity and temp changes.

It's tempting to skip acclimation and hope for the best, but we don't recommend it. However, acclimating LVT isn’t a service you will regret, so be sure to find out more while you're here.

What should you know about acclimation?

This process only takes about three days and is worth every minute. Next, place the boxes in the room where the floors will be installed and open them up.

Ensure there's enough airflow between the boxes for proper ventilation. And once the three days are up, installation starts as intended.

Once acclimated and installed, enjoy the benefits

There are so many reasons to love a well-installed luxury vinyl floor covering. Luxury vinyl plank and tile mimic natural wood, stone, and tile, for impressive decor matching.

But they also provide excellent protection. Complete waterproof and daily wear protection are only the beginning of the benefits.

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