What unique looks can be created with luxury vinyl flooring?

What unique looks can be created with luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank and tile offer extensive visual options to create almost any look. As a result, they're perfect for matching any decor scheme, from rustic to unique.

That's why unique appearances are so important, and you should know what you have access to. Here are a few ideas that could give you a good design start.

The all-natural look is a popular one

It's easy to get a natural look like hardwood, porcelain tile, and all-natural stone. And though the look itself isn't that unique, LVT and LVP can be customized to look any way you want them to.

These materials make it possible to reflect the most high-end natural products. And you can choose a color, texture, and installation layout that caters to the decor scheme.

Don't forget to consider attractive visual schemes such as encaustic tiles. High-variation colors is another choice that brings an exciting feel to any space.

When looks aren't everything

While the best look is essential and unique personal options, these floors offer more. Durability can mean your floors will keep their good looks longer.

With luxury vinyl tile and plank, scratch, stain, and scuff resistance mean, you can keep your unique look longer. They also provide complete protection from water damage in every room of your home.

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